Golden Turmeric Blend INTRODUCTORY RATE (100g, 33 serves)


From our very own GOLD COAST - Golden Turmeric Blend....Move over Coffee!!

Ayurvedic Health Professionals have been making golden milk for thousands of years, due to turmeric’s curcumin it is KING! Our Golden Turmeric blend has the highest % of curcumin currently available in a latte and smoothie mix. Its anti-inflammatory and brain stimulant powers are profound. However our specially formulated recipe has created a loyal following among the Burleigh locals and now its available online for you to enjoy!


Traditionally Used for: • Anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant • Antiseptic & analgesic • Reduces joint pain • Balances blood sugar levels • Boosts immunity • Helps maintain cholesterol levels • Promotes digestive health • Liver detoxifier • Regulates metabolism • Weight management • High blood pressure • Memory and brain function. • Soothes inflamed skin conditions. • Neurological disorders. • Lowers Triglycerides