You have a chocaholic convinced

Tanya on Jul 04

As a long time chocaholic seeking healthy alternatives, I was sceptical about this drink.

But after giving it several tries, I have made the switch. I can't believe that something so delicious can be so healthy. The cinnamon as a sweetener is a revelation to me.

The best Chai ever!

Belinda on Apr 18

I have tried a lot of different Chai's and nothing beats this one. The spices are so pronounced in this blend which I absolutely love. This definately packs a punch and I always feel rejuvenated after each cup.

Yumminess in a cup!

Kerrie Cox on Oct 06

A beautifully blended chai with rich well rounded flavors 💜


I must be a Chai snob !

Beck on Oct 06

I must be a chai snob, because I've tasted Chai Lattes all over the Gold Coast and nowhere I know makes a decent chai I remember thinking to myself, they are all too milky (and I have my chai on almond milk) Then I visit Kym, she gives me a taster sample, and hands me a small sachet to try at home. Now, I don't have to go out to get a chai, I can enjoy the best chai in the comfort of my own home. Because Kyms Chai is the Best Chai ! YEW!

The Very Best Turmeric Blend on the market

Dr Phil Myers on Nov 10

I started drinking Turmeric Latte over a year ago to reduce my caffeine intake. I now drink it every day and just have a coffee occasionally. There are a number of Turmeric mixes on the market and I've tried most of them, but the Golden Turmeric Blend from Love Organic Living is the best by far. With no added sugar, all pure organic ingredients and over 87% Turmeric, nothing else comes close. The high Turmeric content means that you need less to make a Latte which means that it's very economical and less expensive when compared with competitors' products. In addition to all this, it tastes so much better, whichever milk you prefer to use (although my favourite is Coconut Milk). I could not recommend this product more highly. It really is the best Turmeric Blend on the market and its good for you!

Really enjoying the flavour combination

Andrew Thompson on Jun 22

I have had a few different golden latte's but the flavour combination of this one is my favourite.

Beautiful flavour

Tanya Schiffter on Jul 04

I have started replacing one of my two coffees a day, with a golden latte and feel so much better for it. It is a smooth blend with a subtle kick that creates a lovely start to the day.



Anna-Louise Bellarts on Jul 04

A friend made me a golden latte when I popped around to see her on my way to pilates.

Not only did I feel more energised whilst exercising, but the soothing, pleasurable taste was so nice that I kept on thinking back to it!

Naturally I later asked my friend where I could buy this and she gave me the link to this site.


Say goodbye to inflammation!!!

Jenny Amadio on Sep 04

When my rib fractured behind my breast bone I felt that I was having a heart attack, the pain was so intense. My doctor put me on Steriods of course they did my head in so down the toilet they went. I got into the turmeric and the pain went. Fortunately I met Kym at the Northey Street organic market and tried her Golden Turmeric Blend. I purchased a packet and haven't looked back. No pain, feeling great. I have been fighting cancer for 9 years and have never felt better. Thank you Kym.



Terrific turmeric blend

Kerrie Cox on Oct 06

I love this turmeric blend. As a lover of turmeric latte you can not go past this blend. I have tried many a turmeric latte that is sickly sweet and just not nice. Love Organic Living Golden Turmeric Blend is delicious and you can taste the goodness with every sip 💜
(Golden Turmeric Blend)



  • I absolutely love your Golden Turmeric Blend. A week ago I woke with a soar throat and blocked nose. I mixed 1/2 tspn GTB with my green tea + honey + extra ginger and in 2 days gone! - Lisa, Burleigh

  • Incredible Tumeric Latte!!!  I have bought this to use in my home, and it now replaces coffee. I love the way my body feels, the warmth turmeric creates. – Dee, Sydney

  • Arthritis is hereditary in my family, so Turmeric became part of my daily diet after researching foods to help with inflammation and pain. I have been adding your powdered Turmeric to my smoothies and drinks for close to 12 months and the dull ache is gone! Stunning product! - Leanne.

  • As a committed coffee drinker, you have managed to convert me to the most wonderful, soothing, tasty, warming health drink. I even managed to get my husband “choosing” to drink this special blend. Wishing you great and continued success! - Ellie

  • Flavour is absolutely delicious! Just perfect! I instantly loved it! Like a spicy chai with coconut milk - Sarah

  • This drink is the best! Lesley

  • Golden latte - you warmed more than my heart! Just loving how it makes me feel. Get on the turmeric train, you will not go back! Barbara

  • Amazing Yumminess here, I love the Golden Spice Latte…Laura

  • Nice Surprise, BEYOND DEVINE and set me up for the day…Thankyou Toni

  • Golden Spice Tumeric is DIVINE! World Class, nutritious and delicious, every health food shop and cafe needs to stock this…Kristal Caldwell

  • Love your Wellness Wagon, a stunning concept. Thankyou for a beautiful breakfast!!! Susan B.

  • Keep doing what your doing, educating the public about organic foods!!! Loved the Chia Pudding, feeling so much better for it and i am now a regular for your Golden Spice Latte… Thankyou! Jacquie…

  • Sugar FREE easy with the Wellness Wagon xxx Susan

  • Thankyou so much for your Golden Spice Latte…it’s the best! Love Lesley

  • Lovely Warming drink and so healthy…Asi

  • So warming, i could feel it filling my cells with goodness. great combo of rich spices…Love it! Tabitha

  • I am just stunned with the results from drinking your golden spice latte, there is NO SIGN of my ARTHRITIS anymore. Ive been drinking your golden turmeric blend latte and fresh turmeric juices every morning. Thankyou so much…Leanne

  • Hi Nicole,

    Well I am loving the product. I sampled it in King George Square one morning on my way to work and bought a packet then and of course I have since placed an order. I am down to the bottom of the second packet and about to place an order when I introduced my daughter (34yrs old) to it last week. She loved it and so I ordered 2 packets, one foe me and one for her. Then she went to work the next day and told a work colleague about it and she wanted some too!! Hence the order for a 3rd packet.

    I enjoy a drink first thing in the morning but I make it with 1 tspn of the mix and 1 tspn of xylitol which I use instead of sugar and hot water. My chiropractor put me on to xylitol. I am sure the drink has improved my metabolism and it just invigorates me mentally and I feel my intestine is saying thank you too!!.

    My daughter is having issues with an acidy system and so loved the anti-inflammatory benefits of the mix when she read the packet. She made it with coconut milk and xylitol and loved it. She is having it instead of coffee, which her system is not liking anymore J I think that must be what sold her work colleague on it.

    I will be happy to report back to you when they have consumed more of the drink. I will be delivering the 2 packets for them to my daughter tonight.

    Let me know if you would like to know anything else.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi I just received your text message and congratulations on being selected for the organic beverage of the year. I think it is a fantastic tasting product with a great ratio of ingredients and a nice chilli kick. I have chosen your brand initially due to organic ingredients and now taste and its mix-ability. I think the coconut in the mix gives a great creamy consistency. I mainly make hot or cold lattes using organic coconut milk mixed with some water and raw honey and blitzing it with my bamix. I also mix it with coconut milk, coconut water, organic berries (oob frozen), a dash of maple syrup and cacao nibs as the basis for a chia pudding. I'm on my 4th pack now and just purchased my 5th from Your Organic Pantry at Burleigh Heads whilst I was there on Friday. Cheers and thanks for the fantastic product that promotes healthy eating. Jason

  • I have had a few different golden latte's but the flavour combination of this one is my favourite. Plus the extra satisfaction of knowing that my body is being filled with the highest quality organic nutrients is a big bonus!  Andrew. 

  • See what researchers are saying about the super-healthy, super-delicious, super spice Turmeric. See research »

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