Organic certification - Australian Certified Organic

Why Organic ? 

Organic certification is all about protecting the consumer.
Ensuring that when we say our product is organic, it truly is !

We are proudly, Certified Organic, the words Organic & Natural mean everything to consumers, BUT nothing to those who are Certified Organic.
It is green washing at its absolute best!
Companies everywhere are saying Organic / Natural all over the label BUT don’t back it up with being Certified!
Even health stores/supermarkets can trick us in to thinking if its in a beautiful natural packet it's GOOD FOR YOU?

These 2 words Organic and Natural can be full of fillers, sugars, synthetic, imitation flavoured ingredients that NO-ONE checks - ever! Unless a poisoning occurs, like what happened with frozen strawberries that were recalled last Summer..
Companies who go into the marketplace are usually following a trend, they need to back up their claims of quality by becoming Certified Organic
- our customers deserve nothing less than this and so do their families..

To be Certified Organic is a HUGE promise from your Producers to Consumers...
Yes, it costs between $1000-$5000 every year for one product/paddock/farm/premises to be Independently Audited and these Audits take between 4-5 hours to be completed.
Our Certified products are Audited right back to the supply chain of the SEED…
EVERY link in the chain is checked, cross checked and checked again, to make sure YOU, the consumer are fully protected from ALL harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
on your plate…
So of course, if your are buying for you or your family, ask yourself, are you worth it???
Why not VOTE with your wallet, buy certified organic food and drink products you consume the most, and over time, find a Certified Organic Farmer at your local Farmers Market
and buy direct. Make sure the foods you eat the most are Certified organic and look for the ACO LOGO. We are given a licence number to prove our Independent Audit is Valid.
NO LOGO, don’t waist your money.
Check out the ACO Australian Certified Organic website for more Good News for Consumers...

Be Well Always…
Thank you for loving our LOL Travel Blend range of Nourishing drinks for everyone...  

You can read more about organic certification on the ACO (Australia Certified Organic) website here.


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