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A Gold Coast woman has invented a blend set to knock coffee off its pedestal

Lexie Cartwright, Gold Coast Bulletin June 9, 2016 12:00am

MOVE over coffee, a new drink trend is brewing and it might just be better than our daily morning pick-me-up.

A local woman has invented her own blend – the golden spice latte – that is knocking coffee off it’s pedestal and creator Kym O’Connell reckons it’s so popular she’s about to take caffeine off her menu.

Ms O’Connell, who serves beverages from her Wellness Wagon at the Burleigh Markets every Saturday morning, has taken eight months to concoct and perfect the gold-coloured drink that bears a bigger buzz than coffee – and is guilt free. 


Made from turmeric, coconut powder, Sri Lankan cinnamon, ginger powder and black pepper churned with coconut milk, Ms O’Connell said the spicy blend at $4.50 was a favourite of 90 per cent of her customers since she introduced it two months ago.

“I could seriously take coffee off the menu,” she said.

“It is the king over coffee.

“People drink it and their toes tingle.

“It absolutely outsells coffee which is as we know, a drink people can’t possibly live without.

“That terrifies me because there are just no health benefits with coffee.”

Ms O’Connell, who has been in the health industry for 15 years after studying organic farming, came up with the idea being a fan of chai lattes that weren’t giving her the kick coffee did.

“In coffee, all we’re after is that pick-me-up,” she said.

“There’s been a lot of alternatives but nothing has competed.

“This drink is the mothership.

“It not only keeps you buzzing all day but is so good for you.

“The latte is the only formula of its kind in Australia and people are going bananas for it.

“In a year’s time hopefully it becomes so big that coffee is a thing of the past.”




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Gold Tailed Gecko Recipients 2013 

 Kym O'Connell For her commitment and dedication in bringing environmental awareness to general public, through Life Changing Events and LOHAS markets.


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