CHEF Cynthia Louise

Real food Chef

One of my life most incredible teachers! Cynthia is the most exciting, creative, genius chefs to walk this planet, she has inspired me to never give up. Never fall for the trap of fast food, cherish the moment when creating a gorgeous mindful meal.

A women who truly cares about nourishing others beyond belief - CHEF Cynthia is one of a kind! Having the passion to heal you with food, make it super fun, always 100% unrefined, unprocessed and raw. Eating a masterpiece is the result. Sharing it with loved ones is the ultimate reward!

Jillian Exton

founder, Chemical Free Community

Jillian Exton has a twenty year history in human resources and consulting within small to large corporations. A breast cancer graduate, author of “What’s Your Plan – Manage Side Effects of Cancer Treatments with Natural Supplements’ paperback & kindle, co-founder of LymphDIY, and founder of the Chemical Free Community, an online community, directory, events calendar and library to help inform and support those who choose to live in a ‘Chemical Free State of Mind’. With a focus on health prevention rather then cure, Jillian presents workshops and speaks at events to facilitate people’s ‘Ah ha moment’ and to prove it is not hard to live a less toxic life.

As a breast cancer graduate she is focused on minimising her risk of re-occurrence and follows a diet stacked with cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory foods. She have been using Golden Turmeric Blend as a staple in her cancer prevention toolkit for the last year.

Doug English

Veterinarian and owner of TurmericLife

I am Doug English an Australian veterinarian with years of experience and have been using turmeric therapeutically in my patients for the past several years with good results.

I started a Facebook Group called Turmeric User Group to collate data on how turmeric was being used and told everybody with an animal that I prescribed turmeric for, to please give back anecdotal evidence as to the effects: both good or bad.

Now I had hoped to get several hundred anecdotes to give credibility, but the group has grown to an extent far beyond my expectations and currently the member numbers are pushing over 200,000 all over the world with numerous daily positive anecdotes in all species, including humans.

Marilyn Gunston


I have been a practising naturopath for over 30 years, having run my own, or worked in very busy clinics and health food stores here on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW, and Melbourne.

I began a talk back radio programme called “Marilyn’s Word on Health” which ran for several years until I returned to Melbourne to continue my practice. During the time of my radio show, I worked for several leading health product companies to promote over the counter supplements at various stores throughout Queensland.

I have been an advising naturopath for Blackmores, Natures Own, Healtheries, Peoples Choice Swedish Bitters, Aloe Vera of Australia {for whom I developed a range of herbal formulae}, Vabori Olive leaf, and Organic Minerals Health Products {for whom I developed several dermatological products}.