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Do no Harm, every product we produce is to nourish, nurture and restore inner health, honouring Organic Farmers for producing Chemical free food, using only certified organic spices & produces. Helping communities transition to better beverages that calm, heal, and reduce inflammation. Our dream is to serve our potent drink range in hospitals, gyms, yoga centres, injury recovery centres and at home.  


To serve our Wholefood Travel Drink Range together with our Snack range in Hospital Cafes/ Patient Tea Trollies, University Campuses & High School Menus… FRESH NoN-Caffeine & Sugar Free Healthy Lattes, FRESH Juices, Wholesome Snacks that assist with brain nourishment, recovery from illness, calming, comfort food for everyone. Hand Made by 3 Sisters and local Women of all ages who love FOOD….Whole-FOODIES on a Mission… We have had 14 dear friends battle Cancer, family members with Type 1 & 2 diabetes, Obese uncles, depressed aunties and over stressed children attending University with no nourishing drinks and snacks at their finger tips, to keep them alert and well fed, whilst under enormous pressure. What price do you put on your health? It is Priceless! I'm calling to Women everywhere who feel the same and can help us expand our business model to take on the above institutions and get Organic farm food in the doors. Together as a collective we can do this! Alone is impossible. Contact Kym to join us in getting WHOLEFOOD INTO HOSPITALS… Lets work alongside our farmers who are hurting beyond words and join the city to the country in a MISSION that will become a community legacy…on my watch, I promise.



This is the story of how we hunted down a gorgeous coffee alternative that is Free of Caffeine, Sugar and fillers.


We’re three sisters (and mums) whose undeniable strength and determination comes from personal experience, as many members of our family and friends are afflicted with debilitating diseases. That’s why for more than fifteen years we have been searching for ways to mitigate and respond to these illnesses, using all-natural and all-healthy recipes.

Kym, has worked for eighteen years in the Health & Wellness industry.

She is currently the Manager of the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability Precinct (LOHAS). LOHAS is creating communities who are dedicated to building strong minds and healthy habits, the business focuses community relations and educates through markets, movies and life changing events!

Kym is also a Winner of the 2013 GECKO Award for driving environmental awareness.

Kym was selected to be on the 2018 Commonwealth Games Advisory Board representing health and sustainable living in the city, in the lead up to and during the games.

Nicole brings to brand her international Production Management, Marketing and Advertising background as General Manager

Leanne contributes her vast experience in Accounting and Finance as Finance Director.

Together we have studied the research of Doctor Gabriel Cousens (M.D. Diplomate Ayurveda), best-selling author and co-host of his Australian Tour in 2013 “How to reverse Diabetes in 30 days” following his amazing documentary Simply Raw. More research here.


Our blend is extremely versatile.

Don’t stop at beverages, we’ve worked together with some of the best chef’s to create beautiful recipes incorporating the blends in everything from slices, protein balls, bars, golden bowls, soups and pancakes to even ice-cream. It is truly the perfect boost to any meal!

See some of the Fantastic Recipes here...

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Kym (Queensland) 0413 672 940
Nicole (Sydney) 0404 534 000
Leanne (Sunshine Coast) 0455 912 910

Wellness Sisters on a mission… at Love Organic Living 



Charity ... 

We proudly engage charities who employ people with disabilities to process, pack & label our entire potent drink range. 


Giving Back ... 

We proudly donated 2000 seedlings plus 10000 seeds to The Healthy Living Collective INC’s (NFP) GOLD COAST URBAN FARM seed bank during COVID for the official opening… 

This NEW community initiative is a sister project to LOL's drinks and Gold Coast Urban Farm nursery.

We have skills in organic farming, permaculture and syntropic city farming.

The need for organic food in backyards has never been so important…

We believe this project will take over everything we eat drink and think...

Of course every potting shed day is filled with a Golden Turmeric/Chai or Chocky Latte Morning TEA break…

Read the full ABC News article here >>

 Gold Coast Urban Farm

Image: The Gold Coast's first urban farm has opened.(ABC Gold Coast: Jennifer Huxley)


What are people saying about Golden Turmeric Blend?

  • I absolutely love your Golden Turmeric Blend. A week ago I woke with a soar throat and blocked nose. I mixed 1/2 tspn GTB with my green tea + honey + extra ginger and in 2 days gone! - Lisa, Burleigh

  • I have bought this to use in my home, and it now replaces coffee. I love the way my body feels, the warmth turmeric creates. – Dee, Sydney

  • Arthritis is hereditary in my family, so Turmeric became part of my daily diet after researching foods to help with inflammation and pain. I have been adding your powdered Turmeric to my smoothies and drinks for close to 12 months and the dull ache is gone! Stunning product! - Leanne.

  • As a committed coffee drinker, you have managed to convert me to the most wonderful, soothing, tasty, warming health drink. I even managed to get my husband “choosing” to drink this special blend. Wishing you great and continued success! - Ellie

  • Flavour is absolutely delicious! Just perfect! I instantly loved it! Like a spicy chai with coconut milk - Sarah

  • See what researchers are saying about the super-healthy, super-delicious, super spice Turmeric. See research »

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