• **Lockdown Special: 100g Bundle Deal - $49.95 + FREE POSTAGE - SAVE $24.90

**Lockdown Special: 100g Bundle Deal - $49.95 + FREE POSTAGE - SAVE $24.90



- Lockdown Special -

The the essentials with our 100g Bundle Deal while in Lockdown.

Gel all three 100g Latte blends for just $49.95. SAVE $24.90 + FREE DELIVERY!

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About our Golden Turmeric Blend

From our very own GOLD COAST - Golden Turmeric Blend....Move over Coffee!! 

Ayurvedic Health Professionals have been making golden milk for thousands of years, due to turmeric’s curcumin, it is KING!  Our Golden Turmeric Blend has the highest % of curcumin currently available in a latte and smoothie mix. Its anti-inflammatory and brain stimulant powers are profound. However our specially formulated recipe has created a loyal following among the Burleigh locals and now its available online for you to enjoy!


Our Blend may assist with the following: Anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant • Antiseptic & analgesic • Reduces joint pain • Balances blood sugar levels • Boosts immunity • Helps maintain cholesterol levels • Promotes digestive health • Liver detoxifier • Regulates metabolism • High blood pressure • Memory and brain function. • Soothes inflamed skin conditions. • Neurological disorders.




Our Authentic Indian Certified Organic Chai blend MAY ASSIST with the following:

  • Fighting infection.
  • Combating pain and inflammation.
  • Calming the digestive system.
  • Lower blood sugar.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Open up the lungs and loosen up mucus.

Chai Latte

Mix 1 level teaspoon of ORGANIC CHAI BLEND into a cup of your favourite warm milk. Sweeten to taste.

*Health boost: Replace milk with a high-quality milk alternative + 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. 


About our Organic Chocolate Blend

It's here! Our new GUILT FREE 100% Organic Chocolate Blend has arrived!

Its the season to celebrate SUGAR FREE living with our delicious hot chocolate, cool frappe, protein smoothie using our stunning NEW Organic Chocolate Blend.

Our newest blend is the perfect addition to our Limited Edition Love Mugs!
This rich body boosting blend of sugar FREE deliciousness is now available in stores and here online....

We've even got an awesome recipe to get you ready for your guilt free chocolate transformation! Just blend together a handful of ice, a splash of coconut oil,
a frozen banana, a splash of carob syrup with our new chocolate blend (add some cashews for an extra creamy flavour).

Our blend combines cinnamon, carob and cacao in a special recipe to delight the most hard to please chocoholics!!