The Golden Bowl - Your perfect FRESH Aussie breakfast this Summer

Move over acai bowls and stodgy cereals.
This summer’s must have is F R E S H !
The Love Organic Living (LOL) - GOLDEN BOWL with Aussie Summer fruit means no more Boring breakfasts!!

VEGAN & Paleo Friendly - NO Gluten / Dairy / Soya

Ingredients: (Serves 2)
• 1½ - 2 Tsp LOL Golden Turmeric Blend - depending on your love for turmeric ;)
• 3 medium chopped frozen bananas
• 1 cup of chopped frozen mango
• 100ml coconut milk / plant based milk / juice

Blend all together and top with your favourite
pre-cut seasonal fruits, coconut, granola, nuts
and seeds. Enjoy immediately.

Make the kids a chocolate version by using our
Organic Chocolate Blend instead.


Recipe by Chef Amanda

Amanda Richards of Social Sweet Seeds is a Queensland mother of 3 and creator of some of the best RAW Vegan treats we’ve ever tried! She’s been a foodie at heart all her life and now shares her passion for natural Super foods with the world. She has a wonderful blog where she shares some of her favourite recipes - - and has compiled four RAW Vegan recipe e-books available from iBooks called Social RAW.

Keep an eye out for more mouthwatering recipes from this talented RAW Foodie.

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