SUGAR - It's effect on our Bodies and our Children

Refined sugar has no nutritional value ie. no vitamins, minerals, no oils or fats, no proteins. It is purely glucose. While our bodies do need some glucose, for energy, it prefers to get it from foods. Many people are under the illusion that only sweet foods and carbohydrates provide us with glucose. All foods provide us with glucose, even our fats and proteins eventually are converted into energising glucose.

The problem with refined sugar is that it is such a highly concentrated form of glucose that it becomes toxic to the body. The liver tries to store it all, the pancreas tries to release more insulin so as to cope with it, and the blood vessels become sticky with it! Also down in the linings of our intestines, our gut bacteria become inundated with yeasts and other parasites that feed off
the sugar.

So in summary, adding sugar to your diet has a toxic effect on the vital organs of your body. It is also very addictive. Prolonged use creates a loss of taste for the natural flavours in fruits and vegetables. So it's very important to give children a good start in life by allowing them to develop their taste buds without masking the flavours with sugar. 

Deirdre Parkinson Naturopath ND N Soc Sci

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