Our New and Improved Blend

To our Beautiful LOVE Organic Living Commmunity,

Magnificent Mindful May is our Game Changer, a Golden moment has arrived! Three wild years in the making! We have spent over 2.5 years of perfecting our blend and sampling with over 8000 people (including children as young as two and elders up to 84-years-old), and now it's finally here! The verdict from our taste testers is in, they LOVE this new blend.

Meet our New double strength Golden Turmeric blend! With over 50 serves in a single 100gram pack, it's the perfect long lasting blend that will keep you loving Golden Turmeric moments throughout winter!

So how did this all come about?

A few years ago, we met a beautiful health professional who told us about the healing and cancer fighting properties of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, pepper, coconut oil! Our beautiful blend todays boasts these spices and has maximum absorption upon serving, with the highest per cent of turmeric in any blend in Australia.

Now you might be thinking, isn't this turmeric I could just find in my cupboard or down at the shops? But this isn't just any old turmeric! Conventional turmerics are often low in the vital bio-active ingredient, curcumin, leaving you without the awesome health benefits it can offer! Our new and improved blend includes certified organic turmeric which, when blended upon serving, your body gets the maximum absorption!

You can find out more about the awesome benefits of Turmeric, on SBS's show Trust Me, I'm a Doctor: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p048p00f

Three years in the making, we've been determined as ever to develop a "Cancer Fighting", gently spiced, gorgeous drink to replace all high sugar and caffeinated drinks for all our dear friends doing it tough with health!

Everyone knows someone who is struggling with cancer or another health related issue, we want to be able to help! We want to promote self care, self love and build strong resilient communities!

This is why our families Love Organic Living drink range was born! Born from a COMMUNITY need to offer better food & drinks EVERYWHERE. If we can help with your health journey, we would love to hear your story, please comment below or contact us on social media!

For all our awesome blends and products, you can find them online or at our amazing stockists!


The Love Organic Living Family.

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