No dairy GOLDEN potato bake


In a world full of opinions about what we should and shouldn’t be eating, it’s STRESSFUL for us mums to nourish our families!

“How did it all get so complicated??” We say as we scratch our heads at playgroup expressing to other mums, “What do we EAT”!!

Fast forward to the evening. Let me set the scene for dinner…

Meanwhile in a quiet street of a lovely suburb; it’s dinner time in 2 hours. Your husband and 4-year-old are protesting that they don’t want any “Hippy” flavours in their dinner tonight. These flavours are code for anything including: tahini, tofu, seaweed, or some bland “not-meat” burger patty that took you hours to prepare!

All they want is true flavour that fills their stomachs up with joy! A flavour that overflows the kitchen with yummy aromas that leaves them saying “when’s dinner ready mum, it smells Amazeballs!” Such a statement I think is a successful dinner in itself! It’s a harsh reality in this day and age with regard to what we should be eating. The idea of this harsh reality alone is enough to make one feel under pressure when grilling a few snags on the BBQ accompanied by a delish spread of plant based salads and dressings.

The family meal has some how become a political fight in the minds of many of us mothers around Australia (and the world). Especially those mums who have to make multiple meals to cater for the whole family (its even harder when dietary requirements are involved!).

A gift to all us mums at home (and dads of course) is a recipe I created that leaves the house smelling like a healthy family meal with a hint of old classic and a sprinkle of happiness all around. Its the humble yet super healthy and tasty Potato Bake. This one dish is the perfect family meal that covers dairy-free and gluten-free requirements without compromising the tastebuds of others that share the dinner table! Find the recipe in the Potato Bake link above! You can even mix it up by adding 1-2 tbsps of Golden Turmeric blend to you milk for a tasty Golden Bake!


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