Benefits of Coconut Oil!

This week we’re going CoCo for Coconut Oil, why you might wonder?

Coconut oil has risen to fame in the last few years and there’s a good chance you’ve got some sitting in your pantry as you read this. But what’s so special about this, sometimes solid, sometimes runny oil? And why do we add a splash of it to our Golden Turmeric Lattes?

Did you know Coconut oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral?
It possesses a unique ability to treat all sorts of infections stemming from bacterial, viral, and even fungal sources. Coconut oil is also a powerful immune booster and can assist the body to heal itself naturally.

It Boosts Brain Function
Coconut oil is a naturally occurring saturated fat (not to be confused with the unhealthy man made saturated fats found in refined junk food and oils), which is needed by the body to fuel the brain and to prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases.

High Cholesterol? 
High consumption of coconut oil is also linked to healthy cholesterol levels and lower rates of heart disease, which is excellent news, considering heart disease is a major killer of Australian men and women!

Beauty Uses
Let’s not forget the topical beauty uses of coconut oil – try using it as a moisturizer, hair mask, tooth whitener (oil pulling) and massage oil!

So grab that jar of coconut oil out of the pantry and start adding it to your salads, lattes, cooking, oats, smoothies, beauty regime or eat it straight off the spoon everyday!